1. You're living your best life


You give so much for others and forget to take time for yourself, you understand that self-love is a journey and essential to internal happiness. You might not feel ready but deep down you want to do something for yourself



2. You're nervous in front of a camera


Overcoming a long-ingrained fear is a great way to feel kick ass and get some confidence back. I will coach you through posing and even show you a few images in camera so you know just how fantastic you look, we've got you covered from professional hair and make-up, our exclusive lingerie closet and mentoring throughout your session, you will kill it!



3. It's so completely unlike you


You might even discover a side of yourself you never knew existed!



4. You need a new photo for your online dating profile


As long as you're ready for a very busy dating life the moment you post it ;)



5. Your friend did it


Tell us their name when booking, and you'll get a print credit through our referral program


6. You're pregnant


You definitely want to do a maternity photoshoot, but instead of standing in a field holding a chalkboard, you'd like to celebrate your femininity and changes to your body in panties and something sheer. In other words, you have the rest of your life to be a Mummy, but that doesn't change the fact that you're a hot Mama right now, today, bump and all



7. You've never worn Lingerie


Some clients don't bring lingerie to their session and instead opt for a t-shirt and cotton panties vibe or oversized sweater, maybe even a jersey or business shirt. It's about celebrating you and what you've got goin' on. Plus, if you want to try some lingerie for the first time, we have plenty and there will be time to get all up in it and find out what you like (if anything)



8. You're often comparing yourself to other women


And surely you have seen boudoir photos of other women and compared yourself to them, too. We all do it. ALL OF US. But when you’re on the other side of the camera, something special happens. You start to understand all the ways that you’re beyond compare. And every time you look at your own boudoir photos, it will be a reminder of that



9. You’re ready to feel like yourself again


We know that feeling. A bit out of touch with who you are, who you were, who you want to be. A boudoir shoot can help you reconnect and fall in love with that person. Get to know who you are right now by trying something new and little out of your comfort zone, while seeing yourself through someone else’s lens



10. You need some new wall art 


Albums are our most popular gift item, but it’s not uncommon to have some photos printed for yourself. Hang them in your personal space to remind you (and any guests) that you’re the queen


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