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Natural Beauty to Studio Bombshell

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

AKA: Before & After < only we do it better!

NOTE: Your session includes your absolute privacy and confidentiality, there is no obligation to take part in our "Natural Beauty to Studio Bombshell" blog, if you would like to take part please let us know before hair and makeup, we would be thrilled to add you to the Gallery, but we wont request it or spring it on you at your session. The clients below have given their consent to be included. 

Boudoir Image by Launceston Photographer Tamika McCall

I can't count the number of times I've heard someone say "but I don't look like the women you photograph". It just breaks my heart hearing this so I've enlisted some of my Gorgeous clients to help put together this blog post with a series of "Natural Beauty to Studio Bombshell" transformations. Now, yes it's a "transformation" but that doesn't mean one is "better" than the other, they're both beautiful, they both have their place and we all have the ability to be transformed for the purpose of a feel-good, self-love photoshoot or any other purpose our hearts desire, right?! I say go for it! show yourself some love, step out of your comfort zone and keep kicking those self-love, body-positive goals whatever that might look like.

Boudoir Image Before & After

There is no Photoshop here, professional Hair and Makeup is included in sessions because, well who doesn't love to be pampered!? (if you don't that's totally cool too, it's not a requirement). We start your session by choosing a few outfits either from our exclusive lingerie closet (size 6-28), items you've brought with you or a combination of both. I will then coach you throughout your entire session right down to the tips of your toes and even how to hold your face for that perfect sultry look. We'll laugh and stretch, I'll teach you some tricks of the trade and even give you a peek at the back of the camera to show you what an amazing job you're doing.

Image by Launceston Photographer Tamika McCall

Once your session is complete we break for around 90 minutes (a perfect opportunity to grab some lunch, a drink and enjoy feeling fantastic!) during the break I will be busy culling (removing blinks and duplicates) and then soft proofing your Gallery ready for your Reveal and Ordering appointment. SAME DAY! no pesky waiting, or wondering what your images will look like (it's like magic for anyone half as impatient as I am). You get to fall in love with your Gallery, on the same day as your session!

Boudoir Image by Tasmanian Photographer Tamika McCall