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What is a Boudoir / Intimate Lifestyle photo shoot?

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

A Boudoir or Intimate Lifestyle photo shoot can be many things to different people.

  • an opportunity to spoil and be kind yourself

  • showing yourself some self-love

  • being badass and trying something that puts you out of your comfort zone

  • learning to love the skin your in (again, or for the first time)

  • healing from negative self-talk or talk from others

  • a gift for a loved one

  • a stepping stone in taking control of your sexuality

  • a desire to view yourself in a light you haven't been able to before

  • a break from "Mum mode"

  • confidence building

While "Boudoir" technically means "ladies bedroom or private space" times are changing and this resulted in the introduction of "Intimate Lifestyle Photography" which encompasses "people" instead of just us "ladies". Intimate lifestyle Photography is for everyone, it's a powerful way to experience yourself, be treated like a star for a day and take home stunning images with the memory of you absolutely killing it in front of the camera. I lead and demonstrate through the whole process, an entire day is dedicated to you and your session so you can soak up the experience and focus on being in the moment. Every single body is deserving of a feel-good self-love session to see for yourself the power it has.

If you'd like to enquire or book your own session, reach out below and schedule your complimentary consult and studio tour to see if the experience might be for you.

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