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 Tamika McCall




Hi there!

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to share a little about me and the Boudoir Experience I offer in my Launceston studio. 


I've been specializing in Boudoir Photography for nearly 5 years, this is my jam! my studio is body positive and sessions are focused around self love and creating a positive emotive experience. 


I found myself moving toward Boudoir Photography from 10 years in the Mental Health field (psycho social rehab), I hold a qualification in counseling and I have a current working with vulnerable people card. Your self- love journey is important to me and I'm right beside you through this experience, helping to calm any nerves along the way.

After realizing that Tasmania didn't have a specialist Boudoir Studio I developed a hunger to create an experience that would be everything I would love for my own session.

The studio would be open to anyone over 18, it would be inclusive, nonjudgmental, body positive, private (at least until I'd viewed my images and provided consent for sharing), and the turnaround to view my images would be FAST! (2 hours to be exact ;). In addition to this, I would be working with someone that is skilled, that doesn't rush me and that has the ability to help me open up. I would have faith in the experience when I booked and while I know I would be nervous, I would also be excited for the art I was going to create and the memories I was going to make.  I'm a stationary nerd so I've been into the studio and looked at all the products, I've asked questions, felt the weight and quality of my favorites and maybe even smelt some of them. I would be excited to fall in love with myself all over again, because this relationship I have with my body isn't always healthy and positive and I have a deep desire to get back to loving myself completely. 

If there's anything I might be able to help with, or you might like to enquire or book a session please don't hesitate contact me.

Tamika x

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