Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Intimate Lifestyle" and "Boudoir" Photography?

Intimate Lifestyle Photography is un-posed in nature and aims to capture people in intimate scenarios that are considered regular for them, we offer these sessions for couples also! "Boudoir" takes on a more editorial feel and refers to a ladies bedroom or private space but we don't keep these just for the ladies! We encourage everyone to get involved and enjoy the experience of intimate portraiture but don't just take our word for it, check out our reviews on Google, Facebook and the testimonials on our Website.

Why would I need a session?

Our clients each have their own reason for choosing us and we are honoured to be included in their journey regardless of the reason. Our sessions have been created as a way to nourish feelings of self-love and empowerment. We understand the idea of an Intimate Portrait Session can be both exciting and terrifying so we are there to give you handy tips and advice leading up to your session and throughout your session we are right beside you demonstrating poses and evoking emotion so we can deliver beautiful art to you! All we ask is that you trust the process, relax and have fun. We take care of the rest! The most popular feedback we get from our clients is that the experience has increased their confidence, boosted their self-esteem and given them a sense of empowerment.

How long will my session last?

Sessions generally range from 1 - 2 hours. If you're including professional Hair and Make-up in your session this can take an additional 1-2 hours.

Will I be nude?

You can wear whatever makes you feel most sensual, if that's nude then we love to get creative with implied nudity during our sessions (illusion of nudity) or nude. If lingerie is what works for you that's fantastic too!

What should I do to prepare for the session?

1. Drink plenty of water, exfoliate and moisturize leading up to your session (including exfoliating lips) for beautiful dewy skin 2. Please wear loose clothing / no bra the morning of your session to avoid impressions being left on your skin 3. Fake tan is best avoided, if fake tan is a *must have* for you, please exfoliate and moisturize hands, knees, elbows and ankles and ensure the colour is well blended 4. Remove all size tags/labels from clothes before your session to ensure they can't be seen in your shots 5. Most importantly, relax! This will be fun and I can't wait to deliver beautiful images for you to fall in love with!

What's included in my Session Fee?

Our session fee/retainer reserves your date and time as well as complimentary professional hair and make-up, any preparation for your session, access to our exclusive client wardrobe with sizes 6-26, coaching and demonstrating throughout your session, signature image editing of your Gallery and one reveal and order appointment to place your product order. We offer a range of luxury wall art, fine art lay-flat albums, fine art prints and heirlooms a la carte.

Should I tan before my session?

Short answer. No. Please. Fake tans tend to leave harsh uneven marks, lines and orange tones that are unflattering. We work in post to even skin tones and will leave you with beautiful, natural skin without the need to tan before your session. Bare skin is best! ** If you MUST have fake tan, please choose a lighter shade, moisturise and exfoliate well beforehand (especially ankles, wrists, fingers, knees and elbows). Extensive re-touching is not offered for fixing fake tan.

Should I wax before my session?

If waxing isn't your thing, I wouldn't recommend doing it for your session. If waxing is something that's regular for you then you will know your skin best, we recommend leaving enough time between waxing and your session that your skin is not red and / or spotty (usually 2-4 days). If waxing isn't a regular habit but you'd like to try it for your session, we recommend a trial well and truly before (4-6 weeks+) your session date to help you prepare your session schedule.

I want to get a new tattoo, how long should I wait to have my session?

Please ask your Tattooist what they recommend for an accurate timeframe for the work you're getting done. We recommend at least 3-4 weeks as a good rule of thumb to ensure your skin has healed.

Can you Photoshop me?

We retouch all our sessions to include light smoothing, reduce redness, remove blemishes etc. We do not re-shape, make thinner or change permanent aspects of our clients. We believe altering permanent features would kind of be defeating the purpose of a session that's been created to nurture self-love and a feeling of empowerment. Your body is appreciated, documented and celebrated in a way that flatters you whatever your shape may be, we use our skills in posing different body shapes to provide you with art you are sure to love!

Can I bring a friend?

If having a friend close by is going to make you more comfortable, we encourage you to do so. Our policy is not to have friends with us in the room during your session to help keep the focus and experience about you however we can leave a door open and have your friend in the next room. We want you to be comfortable. If your friend wants their own session too, we can also book you both in on the same day so you can share the experience together.

Where will my session be held?

Sessions generally happen in our Launceston based studio. Alternate locations are available by request and we sometimes run themed limited edition sessions that can be run outdoors or at different locations. We love to travel and have great rates, you can ask about our travel rates by emailing

How will I know what to do?

You don't need to know what to do, at all! that's what I'm here for I walk you through posing right down to the tips of your toes including coaching on facial expression for that perfect sultry look! I also demonstrate and show you how to move and where to look. I just ask that you have faith in the process, take a deep breath and follow my lead, we've got this!

How many outfit changes can I have?

We recommend between 3-4 outfits for a session and sessions include 3 outfit changes (4 outfits in total). We have an exclusive client wardrobe (size 6-26) with accessories that you are welcome to include in your session.

I don't wear ultra sexy lingerie, what other options do I have?

Whatever makes you feel your best and that you're comfortable in. Some clients choose to wear a sports jersey, CK underwear, oversized tshirt or shirt etc. A good thing to look for when choosing your outfits is texture, we recommend having a couple of options i.e lace, velvet, silk, knit, leather, cotton. It's a great way to add depth to your images.

Do you have options to shoot outdoors?

We often have seasonal outdoor sessions available. If you're interested in an outdoor session, please let us know! There may be different options available depending on the time of year.

What kind of products do you have?

We aren't humble when it comes to the products we offer. Our products have been hand selected over years to be of the highest quality, printed with archival ink to last a lifetime. We really do think our products speak for themselves, some of our most popular items are; Premium Heirloom Leather Lay-flat Albums with cotton rag fine art museum quality paper Fine Art Textured Prints (straight edge or hand torn) with silk wrap or leather envelope Tasmanian Oak framed quality Canvas Tasmanian Oak box framed Fine Art Print (sits beautifully without needing to hang)

How many people will be in the room with me?

Your Photographer and possibly one assistant. Both your Photographer and any assistant helping with the session will be female. If this is of any concern to you, please let us know prior to your session date, we're happy to work with individual requests wherever possible.

Do my photos have to go on Social Media and Online?

Absolutely not. If you want to share them we are always happy (ecstatic even!) to receive permission to do this, it's great for potential clients to see a variety of previous clients who have experienced a session with us. Your session fee/retainer covers complete privacy and confidentiality, your images will only be shared if you choose to give consent once you've viewed your Gallery. Many of our clients choose to keep their images private, it's completely up to you.

What investment options do you have?

We have a creation fee of (250) that includes your initial consult, up to 90 minutes session time in studio, complimentary professional hair and make-up, access to our exclusive client closet of lingerie items, signature editing of your Gallery and one reveal and order appointment for you to select any personalised luxury art you like. Image collections start at 1200 and we have payment plans available from 26.49 per fortnight through Payright (subject to approval).