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Hair & Make-up: Why we hire a Pro

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Boudoir Image Hair & Makeup
Hair and Make-up by Sarah-Alexandra

So, why is professional Hair & Make-up included in your session?


You're investing in photographic art that's going to be hung on the walls in your home or business or laid out in a stunning fine art album made with the highest quality material. It makes sense to hire a talented Hair & Make-up Artist.

1. Professional Hair & Make-up artists know what products to use for photography and what products/brands to avoid to ensure your look is photo friendly ie. products with SPF+ and many highlighters have light reflecting properties and aren't going to be flattering and can flatten your face

2. Not all products are made equal. You want tried and tested products that will last.

3. You will be well blended and contoured to highlight and celebrate your best facial features

4. A quality make-up artist will even out your skin tones and hide any dark circles or last minute blemishes that pop up, leaving you stress free, ready to be pampered and enjoy your session!

5. You will look great and feel even better! the added confidence will shine straight out of you!

why choose a professional hair and make up
Hair and Make-up by Jannelle Woolnough

Are you looking for a fantastic Hair & Make-up Artist? ask your Photographer!

Not only do they work with plenty of talented HMUA, it's guaranteed they will have Hair and Make-up artists whose work they love editing and they will have galleries of images they can show you to demonstrate the quality of work.

Boudoir image
Hair & Makeup by One Girls Obsession

BONNYPhotog recommended Hair & Make-up Artists


If you'd like to enquire or book your own session, reach out below and schedule your complimentary consult and studio tour to see if the experience might be for you.

BONNY Photography is Tasmania's Elite Boudoir Studio, located in Launceston.

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