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Personal Branding Photography: what's the go?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Personal Branding Photography is a great opportunity to set the tone of your brand. Giving people a face to visualise helps to personalise your brand and doing this with quality portraiture in that process will help to achieve a sense of "quality" for your brand.

Who needs Personal Branding Photography?

Anyone attempting to build a Personal Brand. If you are the face of the brand you're building then you might want to consider Personal Branding Photography, it's a great resource for individuals, entrepreneurs, authors, actresses, singers, songwriters, models, public speakers, anyone with a website and anyone attempting to build trust and growth with a new or existing audience or potential consumer.

Personal Branding Photography has the ability to portray a variety of things that are important for your brand, they bring a face to your brand or product and in this day and age it's even more important with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the story behind the products and services they are choosing. Consumers are making more conscious, brand-aware choices.

So, what's important to you? how to spend your leisure time? what do you have in common with your ideal client or target audience? sharing things about yourself will help your target audience learn that they have a tonne of stuff in common with you, you become a relate-able friend and they become your loyal brand enthusiast / ambassador.

What can I use Personal Branding Photography for?

Personal Branding Photography is great for website use, print, posters, newsletters, social media, magazine submissions, editorial works, business cards, flyers, books and a variety of other uses.

How do Personal Branding Sessions work?

Sessions are custom created using keywords and ideas that you'd like your brand to portray. We will talk about your brand in a story telling sense and set up 3-7 themes for your Story Session, I will learn about what your brand means to you and how you would like yourself and your brand portrayed before I assist in developing scenarios to shoot and direct your session. I direct and guide you through ideas, body language/posing and backdrops to assist you to market yourself effectively. While I'm learning about your brand and we are discussing themes it's important that I find out how you want to use your images because I shoot for this. If you want a book cover or Pinterest images, I will shoot portrait shots for this and if you want to develop memes or add text to your images or use them for your website I'll be shooting with a lot of white space and landscape etc.

If you'd like to enquire or book your own session, reach out below and schedule your complimentary consult and studio tour to see if the experience might be for you.

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